Established by Jimmy and Edel Quinn, Cappa Stud is dedicated to preserving the Irish Draught Horse.  An essential foundation stock for the production of the non Thoroughbred Irish Sport Horse that presently dominates many of the show jumping arenas and eventing courses of the world

Classified as an endangered breed due to the declining population size by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations, genetic diversity is an important component in the consideration of conservation strategies.  Measures of genetic diversity are becoming widely used in breed management  systems.

Cappa Stud has researched Irish Draught bloodlines to implement a plan of breeding rare bloodlines and exploring the genetic resources available to preserve the broadest possible genetic base.

Cappa Stud has a large herd of Irish Draught Mares, most of seperate bloodlines.

Cappa Stud currently has Four Class 1 Registered Irish Draught Stallion's, "Cappa Cochise", "Cappa Cassanova", "Ballineen it's William", "Cappa Aristocrat" 

& One Class 2 Registered Irish Draught Stallion "Millhollow Stroller"

Our aim at Cappa Stud is to preserve and promote Ireland's only Native Bred Horse.